black rage

"Black Rage is founded on 2/3rds a person,
Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens,
Black human packages tied up in strings-
Black rage is founded on these kinds of things.
Black rage is founded on blatant denial,
Squeezed economics, subsistence, survival.
Deafening silence and social control--
Black rage is founded on wounds in the soul.
So when the dogs bite, when the beatings, and when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember all these kinds of things, and then I don't FEAR so bad."
--Lauryn Hill

(Hear the entire song here.)

And that's why I'm not scared to say what I say. You don't like it? Oh well. My people go through too much for me to keep quiet. If it makes you uncomfortable, well, imagine how it makes us feel. Let's talk about it, shall we?