masters of the universe

"Steve Harvey's Miss Universe 'Mistake' Almost Certainly Wasn't"

Hmmm...This bears consideration.

A lot of people were thinking the Steve Harvey gaffe was rigged from jump...but when Siebert pointed out how long was left in the show to "fix" the mistake, as compared to other totally makes sense. Whether Harvey was in on the hoax or not is debatable; He's a comedian that ribs on people for a living, so I'm sure he is very capable of taking a good beating via the cruel (and HILARIOUS) memes that came at his expense.  What's not debatable, however, is that this show got a whole bunch of free publicity for next year. Honestly, WHO actually cared about this thing before Sunday?
*cues Keith*

I honestly didn't even know this pageant was ON until it was over. My facebook feed is pretty well rounded--I even have a few career pageant friends--but there were crickets where Miss Universe was concerned. (Probably because nobody cares about Miss USA, so nobody cares about Miss USA competing against anyone else. #TeamMissAmerica4Eva #JustKidding #ThesePageantsMightNeedToDie #GetThatScholarshipMoneyGirlIGuess)

The ratings were not that good in the U.S.--hell it tied with CSI:Cyber--a show I didn't even recognize until my girl and my husband reminded me it's the one with Lil' Bow Wow. That begs the question: Wouldn't *you* do something desperately elaborate to not be tied in ratings with Lil' Bow Wow?

If people tune in by the millions just to see if he's gonna mess up again, Harvey will most likely get a raise or extension on his already existing multi-year contract with the organization.  And let's not overlook the fact that the Miss Universe pageant is owned by the same media agency that represents Harvey.  *side eye*  So all these speculations about him being dropped like a bad habit, along with him never working again are pretty much baseless and adding hype to an already over-hyped situation. 

I smell shenanigans, and think we have fallen for ye olde okie doke once again. When millions are at stake, the media masters behind the scenes will play our collective azzes like cheap fiddles, and we'll willingly participate as long as we think we're in on the joke.  At least we got some funny memes, right? *sigh*

"Ya been took!  Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led Astray! Run Amok! This is what he does!"

This is, indeed, what they do.  ;-)