the jam?

Have you seen "The Official Donald Trump Jam"?

This is real life.  Actual real life.  This actually happened, in real life.

I have an UNLIMITED amount of questions...but in the interest of time I'll just list a few:

--Who thought this was a good idea?  Seriously, WHO is running Trump's campaign?
--What was that "song" supposed to say? Additionally, what was the rhyme scheme?
--When did we start using "jam" so loosely?
--Where is rhythm, or child protective services, when you need it? 
--How come nobody thought to re-block this from the "front yard" or "middle of the living room" formation?
--Why?  Just...WHY?

These poor kids.  I want better for them.  

I want them to know that just because a podium is center doesn't mean it has to remain YOUR center at all times.  That sight lines are important. That the downbeat is not a suggestion. Singing usually involves keeping with a key and a tempo.  

But most of all, I want them to know that the man their parents have talked them into dissonantly supporting is a racist charlatan who does not deserve the admiration of children, let alone adults.  That this is not what America or having pride in being American is about.  That the people cheering them on are, without question, cult-level crazy.

This is not what Steve Jobs wanted when he made Garage Band standard, yo.  Everybody should not be allowed access to technology.  Or children.   

The guy who wrote the "song" is the father of one of these little girls, and had this to say about Trump in a recent interview

I’ve been a fan of his for decades. He’s got a great heart and a brilliant mind. He has a methodology for success and winning that’s second to none. To me, he’s always just been an inspiration.

"Make America Great Again" is coded language for "Make America White Again."  And if you want to keep America racist?  Start small, with it's smallest citizens. Indoctrination turns into belief, then belief turns into lifestyle. That's a methodology for success if I've ever seen it.  

The Hitlerjugend was real, too.  Keep dismissing history if you want to.  SMH