Be a lion!

Has anybody investigated how lack of a father figure might have increased Cecil's chances of being shot by the hunter?

What about the weed that was in his system...I know lions eat animals that eat weeds sometimes, and they might ingest opiates. Maybe Cecil was high.

Has Cecil ever fought another lion? Has he ever killed another animal? What about lion-on-lion crime--that happens WAY MORE than hunter-lion crime.

How many cubs did Cecil have by how many different lionesses? Has he ever abandoned any, or kicked any out of the pride?

Was Cecil where he was supposed to be--you know, in his designated area, around all the other lions? Maybe if he'd have stayed in his lion place, he'd still be here.

Was he obeying all laws and ordinances of the jungle? If not, that may explain how he was so easily lured to his death. He might have brought this on himself.

How was Cecil's demeanor? Was he being a respectful to his "higher up in the food chain authority figure", the hunter? I don't care what rights Cecil *thought* he had, when I see a human and a gun, I don't argue, I don't challenge their authority. I just kow tow to their dominance of me and hope I make it out alive.

I think that hunter probably feared for his life. Haven't you seen the videos of these out of control lions opening innocent human's doors when on safari? How was he supposed to know Cecil wasn't gonna one day go all lion and hurt another human? Maybe this hunter is a hero.

Hunters are just trying to do their thing! You can't be mad that a hunter hunts. That's why they have guns! So yes, ‪#‎BlackLionsMatter‬, but ‪#‎HunterDentistsMatter‬ too.

Yes, it was tragic what happened to Cecil, but what about the honeybees? That's almost the same thing. Death is death.

That's how some of y'all sound when we talk about ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ *sigh* ‪#‎Awareness‬ ‪#‎AllyAssistance‬

PS-no shade to Cecil--he was a beautiful, majestic creature that should have been allowed to live his life freely without threat or fear of extinction. That's also how I feel about Black people. We're tired of being hunted too...but Jimmy Kimmel ain't out here shedding tears for us. Ever. *shrug*