real rules vs. black people's rules

"Bland didn’t demur and knuckle under. Some have criticized her for her stance during the traffic stop, suggesting that if she had behaved differently, with more respect for the officer, she might have avoided arrest.

Maybe. But, it must always be remembered that the parameters of 'respectable behavior' are both raced and gendered. The needle moves to differing positions for different people. That is, I believe, one of the reasons that this minor traffic stop so quickly escalated.

How dare a woman not present as a damsel? How dare a black person not bow in obsequiousness?

The officer’s irritation seemed to build in direct response to Bland’s unwavering defiance. She refused to break, crumble and cry. She refused to express fear. She challenged his authority, his character and his expression of masculinity."

None of these things are against the law. What we "should" do and what we "could" do are two very different things. I hope they sue the shingles off of every building in Waller County. An example must be made.

NYT Article on Sandra Bland's funeral, penned by Charles Blow