out of...Egypt?

Harpo...Who dis pharoh?

Harpo...Who dis pharoh?


Like...ok. I'm sure every actor in this movie is a fine actor. Hell, I like John Tuturro. But I am not here for this bulls#it a$$ movie looking like they poured bleach on everybody in Egypt. NOT HERE FOR IT.

History is a real thing, and if you are too lazy to stay true to it, then you don't deserve to tell it. Period. WHY CAN'T YOU TELL THE STORY RIGHT, HOLLYWOOD?!?! THIS IS WHAT PERPETUATES THE SYSTEM OF RACISM IN OUR WORLD. Got Africans over there bleaching their damn skin because money and popularity tells them that THIS is what they SHOULDA looked like.

Did Ridley Scott even bother to Google where Egypt was? Did he bother to look at Egyptian Art, Egyptian History, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, just...none of it? You took the Charlton Heston version and went "Yes, seems legit. Remake that, but bigger. More fighting." Like, you couldn't even send them to the tanning booth?!? REALLY BRUH? I'm not even watching this when it comes on TNT. SMMFH