Somebody come and look at this...LOOK AT IT!!

This is an abomination. A slap in the face to southern grandmamas, to Mexican grandmamas, to cast iron skillets, to hot water, hell, even Jiffy gotta be pissed about this.

Pumpkin, you have gone TOO. GOTDOGGONE. FAR.

White people, it's time for an intervention. You gotta reign this mess in, yo. We know y'all think it's ok, and you think you can stop whenever you want...but your obsession is affecting everyone's life negatively in
 the following ways: we're completely inundated with orange colored boxes, bags, and wrappers on every aisle. We can't go anywhere--ANYWHERE--without seeing pumpkin. It's too much, dude. Too. MUCH.

No other food has bullied other foods into taking on its properties like pumpkin, and y'all are the ONLIEST ones perpetuating this bad behavior. You let pumpkin run amuck and take over other foods' time to shine, because pumpkin alone is gross, weird, and boring. Pumpkin is riding the backs of good foods to stardom. Pumpkin made one good latte in the right coffee shop, a few ok pastries, now it thinks it runs things. Pumpkin is the Lena Dunham of foods and I am not here for it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Call your cousins, and tell them to cut it out.

‪#‎DownWithPumpkin‬ ‪#‎TeamSweetPotato4LIFE‬