america has jumped the shark

It's late and I'm really tired...of everything that has been going on these past few days.

From MSNBC's cutting ties with Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, and feeding us this bovine excrement on how she is supposedly "challenging and unpredictable",  even though they continue to clorox the network (and honestly, they're probably just mad she got the drop on them first)... 

To the alleged connection between Hillary and a huge donor, Twitter Exec Omid Kordestani, being responsible for suspending the account that originated the #WhichHillary hashtag...

To the media constantly treating Bernie Sanders like a whackjob who doesn't have millions of intelligent followers, and repeating this dogged, ridiculous narrative that "he can't win", even though people are taking to the streets for a political revolution...

I'm on literal WTF overload, yo.  

But tonight, the Oscars put the "are we being punked?" icing on the cake with its offering of recent racial draft trade Stacey Dash. (Thanks for taking one for the team, Gary Owens.  You bet not reveal the secret to seasoned chicken, tho. And no, you can not teach your former cousins how to play spades.  They might go too far calling out somebody for reneging and get dealt with.)

Dash appeared on the Oscars as some type of meta-parody-self hate-inception gag.  She later wrote a blog post about how she's not hoeing herself out for coins from Fox, merely trying to bring diversity to Hollywood. #GirlBye. She said she has always dreamed of winning an oscar, "But God has a great sense of humor and this is my first encounter with one of my dreams of destiny." 
*blank stare*
Well, when God finishes laughing, we're hoping He answers our prayers that it's your last. Your acting suuuuuucks.  

Anyway, I wish I had the energy to expound on these topics more, but I can't.  I'm WO. OUT. I feel like we're being played from all sides and are experiencing one of the most elaborate social experiment pranks of all time.  Between the trump circus riling the KKK up to STAB PEOPLE WITH AMERICAN FLAGS, our political process being a literal joke at this point, not knowing whether people are trolling or being opportunistic when things like this happen (you REALLY thought Whoopi was Oprah? WUT?), and the general fatigue of being Black and trying not to get killed by cops while sleeping, I just can't with this week anymore.  I'm actually looking forward to a Monday, just to start over.  

The only thing bringing me a chuckle right now is the fact that while channel surfing, the movie "Mo Money" was on, and I grabbed my phone just in time for this part.
I imagine this is what Stacey Dash will experience (re-experience?) next time she shows up at the Fox News Studio: