what will they invent next?

Again? A-GAIN?
*sigh* I'm so tired.

White folk, get your cousins that work for these major publications and please, for the love of everything holy, tell them to stop this foolishness. It's. Ridiculous.

Cornrows, then booty, now we're BACK to cornrows. *sigh*

"'Cornrows are moving away from urban, hip-hop to more chic and edgy,' says Reyman."

Oh...really? I didn't know they had moved TO urban, hip-hop, dude.  They've actually been a style Black people have worn not only on this continent, but all over the world since CREATION....oh wait. My bad. "Chic and edgy" is your nice way of saying "moving away from Black people, where it was perceived as 'ghetto', and into our appropriated hands--so now since it's white, it's alright. WE FIXED IT!!"

Y'all learn how to braid 21 centuries later and think you invented the s#!t. We're gonna stop letting you come to our sleepovers if you keep this bs up.

Also--you have used up your "columbusing" free passes for the year. It's not even funny anymore, it's lazy, irresponsible, and reeks with the underhanded dismissal of our culture. This deserves more of a response than twitter dragging you with comical hashtags. From here on out, this is just straight up racist, and I'm not calling it anything else. WE ARE TIRED.