go. home. roger.

Here's my thing, and it's the last thing I'm gonna say about it: Until EVERY player in the NFL is retroactively punished for their role in reported, DOCUMENTED attacks/assaults/rapes on women? You can save me this smoke-screen, emotional distraction bs Roger Goodell is pulling by making an example of Ray Rice. This is happening every day, by more players than not. But y'all out here mad at ONE person? Writing think pieces about domestic violence and victim complexes, not seeing the whole picture? Oh.

Come on people...think. FOCUS.

Consider this: The NFL saw that tape and issued what *they* thought was a reasonable punishment. They didn't change the policy or up the punishment until YOU were about to see the tape. Mind you, litigation had already happened on the criminal front. There is an insidiousness in the way this thing was presented to the public. If you're out here burning Ray Rice jerseys but still screaming for Roethlisberger and his team? GTFOH.

The NFL doesn't care about you, and the NFL doesn't care about women--they care about money. You know what focusing on one person does? Keeps them dollars rolling in. Think about it: if you stopped supporting EVERY woman beater in the NFL? They'd have to stop playing.

So ask yourself this: are you REALLY supporting a cause, or are you being played emotionally? Really supporting a cause calls for EQUAL. PUNISHMENT. ACROSS. THE. BOARD.

FOH with the bovine excrement, man.  #FireGoodell