why this is a thing

Welcome to my corner of the internet!  I've finally started a blog after being publicly shamed by numerous friends and family members, who constantly say "girl, you need a blog!"  (In hindsight, this was probably just a nice way for them to say: "Look Kell.  We're tired of hearing you go on and on about things you're passionate about, put these ramblings somewhere other than my ear/my facebook feed/my inbox, please and thank you.")  

I will try not to shame my mama an'nem when I post...but I can't make no promises. (My mother would kill me for putting a double negative in a sentence...so, yeah. I'm already off to a great start.) 

Although I attempt to be humorous, sometimes truth can only be said straight. That's what I intend to do here, serve truth with a side of funny on various topics, including but not limited to: social justice, politics, pop culture, and how pumpkin spice is a curse sent to us straight from the devil's lair, and I am NOT NOR NEVER WILL BE HERE FOR IT. #TeamSweetPotato4LIFE

We don't have to agree on everything--or anything for that matter, but I will respect your mind as long as you respect mine.  So if you want to go to war in the comment section...best bring your A-game, along with works cited and actual factuals...or you will. get. this. work. I pity the fool that comes for me when I didn't send for them, while having the NERVE to be strong and wrong.  (If you are a lover of all things pumpkin spice, you ALREADY getting the side eye, son. Fair warning.)

All that to say: come on in, click on through, and let's try to entertain and enlighten, shall we? 

Kell Belle