heroes vs terrorists

Christian Right-Wing Pro-Life Terrorist Kills Iraq War Hero and Co-Pastor Policeman

...is how the headlines should read, now that we've learned more about those who lost their lives in a terrorist attack that happened in Colorado Springs on Friday.

Ke'Arre Stewart, a US Military Veteran and father of two, was shot when textbook domestic terrorist Robert Lewis Dear opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility. Stewart ran back into the building after being wounded to try and save others. His efforts were almost completely successful; Unfortunately Jennifer Markovsky, mother of two, was fatally shot before she could take cover.

Dear also murdered Garrett Swasey, a police officer, church co pastor, and father of two, while injuring FIVE other officers, and four civilians.

Even though Dear's cyber footprint leaves us with evidence that he subscribed to Christian Right Wing Pro-Life extremism, journalists who DON'T WANT TO TELL THE TRUTH are attempting to be objective seem to be misleading people fumbling the ball when describing his beliefs, opting for the usual "strange lone wolf" rhetoric...instead of the monolithic, generalized, all-inclusive descriptors which seem plentiful when dealing with persons of color. In one AP article, Dear is literally described as a "loner" (he was married for several years and was reported to be living with a woman at the time), whose religious and political views were a "mystery" (because, apparently, google isn't functional over at AP... *side eye*)

I also find it funny (read: FUC%ING RIDICULOUS) that the pro-life, gun-loving, enamored with the military, #BlueLivesMatter people who love to troll facebook feeds and comment sections in opposition to women's rights, gun control, people of color not being killed senselessly, religious terrorism, and Syrian refugees, aren't posting incessantly about the senseless violence these actual heroes lost their lives to.

Contradictions are hard, I guess.