I'm baaaaack...

The beat master Timbaland.  You'll understand in a second...

The beat master Timbaland.  You'll understand in a second...

It's been a long time, I shouldn'ta left you, without a blog post to share, too...

I know.  Almost a year to the day.  51 weeks to be exact.  I know.

I'd been in that space where you feel like what you're doing probably ain't worth the time or effort you're putting into doing it, so you might as well stop.  

But I said to myself today...I said, "Self: if the election of this incompetent rust colored raccoon now running the free world isn't a boost of confidence to YOUR life, then you're missing the blessin' in this lesson." Gotta find the silver linings, y'all.

So here I am again. Ranting, raving, and saying the stuff I gotta say. The 5 of y'all that actually read this thing can feel free to send me a text and tell me to go STFU again, if you'd like. I'mma be quiet.  But when you leave...I'mma be talking again.

Speaking of people that need to be quiet (one time for that segue!)...

Sean-sliding-through-the-spaces-of-white-mediocrity-to-stay-winning-Spicer has yet AGAIN regaled us with his wildly idiotic version of what poses for facts within the alternative universe he resides. This dude literally allowed the following words to exit the hole in his face:
"You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons..."


He said that shit unironically. As if the EXACT OPPOSITE was not the actual, easily verifiable, quickly google-able, documented truth.  And he said it to DEFEND a point, which makes it so much worse.  He also said it during Passover/Holy Week--which is just reckless AF.  You don't have to be Jewish to feel sickened by this, you just have to be, I don't know, A HUMAN BEING.  Using Hitler as a tool of comparison for anything other than Satan is pretty much the "L" move.  

And the ONLY thing this administration has proved it's good at? Is catching L's.

The constant aggravation I've had over the past 82 days centers around this; The gross ineptitude on display from people in our government who are given large platforms and paid a great deal of money to do what they do, but do it badly. I just can't begin to understand it anymore. At first, I thought these folks were being intentionally insidious and cunning; I thought they were doing these things to send up false flags and make those of us actually paying attention rage ourselves to death.  This still isn't completely out of the question, because the white supremacist puppet masters he employed to "Make America Great Again" will do just about anything. 

But what if it's not a grand plan?  What if these people are actually, factually, literally (in the true definition of the word) just...morons?  What if it's 2040?

Before we, as a country, devolve to the point of having to change "Idiocracy" from satire to biopic, something needs to shift.  I personally believe the responsibility lies between us and our news reporters. We need to plead with the press to possibly start ignoring their dumb asses. Just let this fool show up to empty ass press rooms so that WE stop chasing the red laser lights of incompetence and shock sound bytes they offer us everyday, like little kittens.

WE ARE NEVER GONNA CATCH IT, Y'ALL.  This is my timeline and twitter feed, everyday:

Their stupidity--unintentional or crafted...or both--is NOT going to be the silver bullet that takes this administration down. We need to FOCUS on important things like local elections and midterms. FOCUS on this Russia connection. FOCUS on these flagrant conflicts of interest. FOCUS on Bannon. FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT WILL SET FIRE TO HIS CABINET.

If the press can't *not* show up, they need to at least start holding spicy spoiled tuna's feet to the fire. CHALLENGE HIM!! Stop being FAUX OBJECTIVE and call him OUT. Don't LET him argue around the point. Be as belligerent with the truth as he is with his lies. Wear his ass OUT with facts. Hell, bring a Taboo buzzer in that joint and every time he says something unverifiable or completely false, buzz his ass like it's the tiebreaker and your team is about to win.  BE THE CLARION IN THE ROOM, DAMMIT!! 

And if your press pass gets revoked, GOOD. That will make it easier for you to NOT SHOW UP, and he'll make his own damn press room empty of legitimate news. And without needing to sit in his ridiculous press briefings, you'll have time to do thorough investigative reporting FOCUSING ON THE OTHER THINGS.


This is exactly what I'd bring to a Sean Spicer briefing.