i hate snow

Do you wanna kill a snowman?

Come on, let's go and play!

I never see grass anymore

Come out the door

Let's send the snow away

We used to wear our flip flops

When it was hot,

The temps used to be so high!

Do you wanna kill a snowman?

Let's decapitate a snowman...

It's not a crime.

Do you wanna kill a snowman?

Or ride our bike into his balls?

Outdoor activity is overdue

I've started talking to

The pictures on the walls!

It gets a little chilly

Can't turn on the heat

Cause the gas bill would be sky high...

Do you wanna kill a snowman?

Pull the arms right off a snowman?

It's not a crime.

Springtime please, I know you're out there

People are asking where you've been

Mother Nature's acting such the fool

This s#it ain't cool

When will you come again? 

We're tired of all these layers

And these shovels too...

What are we gonna do?

Do you wanna kill a snowman? 

Pour hot water on a snowman?