aurora. wow.

I need everyone to stop, pause, and take a second for self reflection.

Have you ever been an a$$hole? Have you ever done an a$$hole thing--especially in your teens?

If the answer is yes, then ask yourself this: did that thing justify you getting shot, killed and left in the street like an animal?

If the answer is absolutely not, I need you to understand that's how the friends, family, and community of Michael Brown feel today, as they place his body in the ground. I have seen NUMEROUS people defend the death of this boy, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Trayvon Martin, and others, by saying "well, if he wouldn't have been an a$$hole and had cooperated..."

F#$% THAT.

White people can be a$$holes to cops and authority figures all. day. long. And they walk away to tell the story. Don't believe me? Listen to this encounter.

This white boy with a shotgun in AURORA, CO, --where 12 people died and seventy people were wounded, by another crazy white boy with a gun--is treated as a human being. By TWO cops.

Two minutes in, they are still talking. Four minutes in, they are laughing at the audacity of this kid. Not pulling a gun, not treating him as a threat, TALKING and laughing. By the way--he still doesn't cooperate with the cops. And they cite him for obstruction.

They don't kill him...they cite him.

But it's Mike Brown's fault he's in the ground. It's Eric Garner's fault his wife is now a widow. It's John Crawford's fault his baby will grow up not knowing him. Ok.

Keep telling yourself that so you can sleep at night and justify being on the wrong side of the issue.