blackness is hazardous to your health

I read a piece that said "We know that being a black man in America is a life-threatening occupation..." --unfortunately, this is fact, not hyperbole.  As much as I would love to give my husband a son, the fear I would live in every day of his life makes me question the point of reproducing in this country.

Our ancestors prayed that we wouldn't know the pain they went through, having their children sold off to far-away fields, because they fit the bill, never to be seen or heard from again. Their prayers seem unanswered today, as we still deal with little Black boys being stripped from their families, never to be seen or heard from again. Just because they fit the bill.

Below is the link to an intelligent, fact-based opinion piece by a lawyer on the Trayvon Martin issue. I can't call it a case, because no one has been charged with this child's murder yet. Can someone arrest George Zimmerman's trigger happy azz NOW, please? Put him in custody? Hold him for questioning? COME THE HELL ON!! 

CNN "In America" piece by Carolyn Edgar