blue pill bill

PREACH SENATOR NINA TURNER!!! It's all about the love, men. We have to help guide you to make better sexual health choices. I SUPPORT SENATE BILL 307!!

There have been 430 bills introduced in the last 3 months that deal with women's reproductive health. It's time we stop being selfish and take the men into consideration, people.  Men need to know the health risks that come with Viagra.  We also need to make sure they are psychologically stable and able to handle the responsibility that comes with Viagra. 

"Specifically, Turner's bill would require men to receive psychological counseling to verify that they have a medical reason for taking erectile dysfunction medications, such as Viagra, before they can legally obtain a prescription for it. It would also require doctors to inform men, in writing, about the potential risks of drugs like Viagra."

I hope everyone fully supports this bill.  If we don't, it's like saying we don't care what men do with their own bodies.  Since we care so much about what women do with theirs, it's selfish to turn our backs on the men of this country.  
Read more about the bill here.