I often question whether or not social media has made us more aware of stupid people, or if people are just becoming more stupid over time. Someone on one of my FB friend's posts answered thusly, and I have to say--it's a pretty great answer:

"People are and always have been stupid, and I'm sure they were saying crazy things like this back in ancient times as well. But social media not only makes it easier for us to see their stupidity, it makes it easier for stupid people to communicate amongst themselves and mutually reinforce their stupidity. So while it's just as easy to be stupid, social media probably promotes calcification of that stupidity, especially when the stupidity goes unchallenged by differing views."

So next time you're irked by my ‪#‎Awareness‬ posts, remember this: stupidity that goes unchallenged becomes reinforced, and calcifies into ways of thought...which turn into ways of life...which affect our society and now you're living in a country run by stupid. I post to challenge stupidity/indifference/ignorance/apathy.

Looking at the idiots we have on tv and in elected offices now, we've almost arrived in that by stupid.  Let's turn around, yes?