america needs a second opinion

"America's pathology is her denial. It is what keeps us sick about this issue of race. It is our denial. What does it look like? When people say...often couched in the form of a compliment...'I don't even notice race.' ...It's insulting to say you don't notice race...the pathology associated with this statement is such that: 'I'd rather erase you than notice that you're there'..."--Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary


That is a proper diagnosis if ever I heard one. America, you're sick. You need healing. You need to pay proper attention to your illness, because we're all dying here.  Start by accepting that Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary's theory of P.T.S.S.--Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome--is a real thing.  You can find more information on it here, and watch videos explaining the syndrome here.