Aw, I always feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It's like the middle child of holidays.

I still love you, TG. You're the only holiday that doesn't judge me for eating my weight in casseroles and pies over a 2 hour period. I don't have to dress up, I don't have to buy anyone anything, I can wear stretchy pants and watch football, and you're perfectly fine with that.

This is why, even though you get no decorative retail love like Halloween and Christmas, you're still our favorit

(Sidenote: We'd love it if you stopped bringing Black Friday with you though. He's greedy, rowdy, and I suspect of money and power. He has NO home training and hurts people. His hook ups aren't even that great anymore. Why is he still here? Cyber Monday is SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOU. We know, he's a tech geek and all, but he's SO. COOL. We like him. Keep him, dump Black Friday. I promise it's not a race thing. Promise.)