house negro syndrome

There. Is. Always. One.

There. Is. Always. One.

Listen, you idiot. What heritage are you defending? Let's take a walk down actual factual history lane, shall we?

Oklahoma--which, in Choctaw means "red people" was a territory, not a state, during the Civil War. It was inhabited by Native Americans and was attempting to become an all Native territory/state for quite a while. White people couldn't even settle in Oklahoma until 1889, 24 years AFTER the war. Thanks, Grover Cleveland. (I'm totally making "Thanks, Grover Cleveland" a thing now. Feel free to spread it far and wide.)

Oklahoma did not receive it's statehood until 1907--42 years after the war. FORTY TWO YEARS. And that was after the Sequoyah statehood proposals fell through in 1905 (again, wanting to be an all Native American state).  A friend of mine was good enough to point me toward info that revealed the Native peoples of that territory fought on BOTH sides of the Civil War.

So why in the everloving hell are you defending the Virginia Battle Flag? Please explain, you magnificent, moronic coon. SMH

I swear, House Negro Syndrome is a real thing. Can we get this into the DSM-V? 
"I's gotta protect massa and all his feelings by any means necessary, oh, yes I do! Massa depends on me to do his biddin', and I shol' love to do massa biddin! I's his good darkie! I's his special darkie! Them otha darkies jus' wanna cause trubble." ‪#‎HNS‬ 

Oklahoma Black man leads confederate flag rally